5 safe driving habits every new driver should know about

You got your license! Congratulations! Now you’re ready to venture out on the streets. However, driving comes with great responsibility. When driving, you must not only look out for your own well-being, but also that of other drivers. Therefore, safe driving should be your priority at all times.

In a hectic world with many distractions (cell phones, makeup, food, children, screens) … The vast majority of drivers forget this shared responsibility. Many become more aggressive and disrespect traffic laws. But you won’t be like that, will you?

So if you’re a novice behind the wheel and want to drive with caution, keep reading! As Omega Driving School, a prestigious driving school in Quebec, we present you 5 safe driving habits that every new driver should know. Let’s get started!

1-Practice defensive driving


Although it may seem trite, this is one of the most important safe driving tips. As you may have noticed on the road, not everyone drives well. There are a lot of “neighbors” who do not respect the rules and are impulsive drivers. These aggressive drivers are a danger on the road!

Of course, you can’t control the actions of other fools behind the wheel… But what can you do, then? Simple, drive defensively. This approach allows you to avoid collisions, conflicts or other types of accidents at the wheel. In this way, the risk of suffering a road mishap due to the fault of others is reduced.

How to practice defensive driving?

  • Keep a safe distance between vehicles.
  • Do not exceed the speed limit.
  • Be patient and stay calm.
  • Accept delays.
  • Yield to other cars.

2-Avoid distractions

Oh yes, distracted driving claims the lives of hundreds of people a year in Canada and around the world. Whether it’s checking Twitter, being on a video call, eating and even watching videos… Unbelievable the stubbornness of drivers! Anyway, if you don’t want to be part of a road accident statistic, don’t get distracted!

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Do not use your cell phone while driving, do not send messages, do not eat while driving, do not apply make-up or interact with other passengers. When distracted, reaction time decreases by up to 20% in the case of fatalities. Driving safe is about always… ALWAYS keeping your mind and eyes focused on the road and the steering wheel.

3-Slow speed, safe driving

Driving speed is another important factor in avoiding tragedies. In this regard, keep your speed low at all times. Just because you have a license and the corresponding paperwork doesn’t automatically make you a Toretto, does it?

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So, if you’re not ready to pirouette through the air with your vehicle, respect the speed limits. Driving too fast will make your car difficult to control, especially on narrow or busy streets.

4-Pay attention to your surroundings


Driving in a state of alert is imperative every time you go out on the road. To do this, check your vehicle’s mirrors frequently. Don’t forget to check road conditions 20 to 30 seconds ahead. Keep your eyes constantly moving! Watch for pedestrians, pets or bicyclists on the road.

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On the other hand, if you identify a person driving aggressively, slow down and move away from that dangerous driver. If you feel that things could get rough, get off the road or take another route.

5-Prepare before you leave

Beyond any regulations taught in a safe driving course, preparation is just as important! In this sense, try to manage your outings so as not to have any setbacks. Also, check traffic and weather conditions before driving, as weather and road conditions are decisive.

Driving with children can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be with the right measures!

Once inside your vehicle, lock the doors. Don’t forget to adjust the mirrors and head restraints. Of course, put on your blessed seat belt so you don’t get thrown out in case of an accident!

Now that you know these 5 safe driving habits, put them into practice! Your safety and the safety of other drivers is your responsibility. Be vigilant behind the wheel and on the road so that you don’t suffer any fatal accidents.

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