Looking for driving schools in Montreal? Choose a certified institution

The realization of driving courses guarantees the learning of correct and safe driving and the knowledge of everything related to road safety education. However, before enrolling in a Montreal driving school, verify that it meets the requirements and has SAAQ authorization.

In addition to these minimum requirements, you should consider other important aspects before choosing a driving school. While driving academy classes are the most effective solution for those seeking to learn to drive, it is sometimes useful to know more about courses and other fundamental aspects before making a decision.

Driving school classes generally cover all aspects of safe and defensive driving; they also focus on strengthening confidence and safety, which are essential to forming good drivers.

Taking driving lessons will make you feel more comfortable and safe behind the wheel. You’ll learn the traffic lights and how to make the right decisions for any situation you experience on the road. The skills and knowledge you’ll acquire through a driving school will help you drive the rest of your life and make you a better, more responsible, and cautious driver.

However, it is important to make sure that the school you choose has cars with double clutch and brake commands, although, as a general rule, this condition is indispensable, it is never too early to be sure, since it is dangerous to learn with a car that is not adapted for this purpose.

A good driving course always includes theoretical classes in basic mechanics, vehicle maintenance, traffic rules and signals, and practical classes in real traffic by trained instructors who provide confidence and safety, in addition to placing greater emphasis on high-difficulty maneuvers for beginners, such as hill start, overtaking, and reverse parking. In this sense, try to request the agenda and verify the content of the classes.

Also, it is important to know if the academy offers the possibility of changing teachers if you request it, remember that the learning process is different for each person and you may not be comfortable with the way an instructor teaches.

Before enrolling, it is also important to make sure that driving school vehicles are insured against any incident, no matter how minor. This guarantee is necessary because, as an apprentice, anyone is exposed to some type of accident.

For your safety, you should also check that the Quebec driving school you will attend has cars labeled with the institution’s badges and typical warning signs. This feature offers greater safety when conducting practical classes.

The advantage of taking courses with a driving school that is committed to the client is that they usually adapt to the client’s needs and pace of life. If this is the case, check that the academy you are interested in has flexible schedules and, if necessary, weekends.

Other secondary aspects to consider are whether the driving school in Quebec offers courses in the language of your choice, be it English or French; whether it offers fee-paying facilities; whether it owns automatic and manual transmission cars (this depends on your particular interest); whether these are regularly inspected by the competent authorities; and, most importantly, whether the driving academy is SAAQ-certified and delivers the 39 hours of compulsory classes stipulated by this institution.

In conclusion, these are all aspects you should consider before choosing the right driving school for you:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Certified bilingual instructors
  • Modern automobiles with double clutch and brake command
  • Auto Accident Insurance
  • Cars labeled with caution signs
  • Topics with relevant content and according to your needs
  • Payment facilities
  • Authorized by SAAQ
  • With prestige, experience and high rate of recommendation and approval


Getting a driver’s license for the first time is a personal achievement and a great satisfaction, but don’t forget that driving is a great responsibility. Before you drive, you need to have enough practice to pass the driving test. Although there are many ways to acquire driving skills, attending a driving school is the most recommended option, since learning in an authorized institution will make you a better driver and serve you for the rest of your life.