Keys to freeing yourself from the stress of driving

Driving is one of the most stressful everyday activities for people. Who hasn’t been stressed by driving in the rain or in traffic? Although there is a big difference between people and experience has a significant influence, driving is potentially stressful and it is therefore important to learn to drive relaxed. When you lose self-control while driving, your body experiences a noticeable increase in cortisol and adrenaline, the hormones that cause stress episodes. If you want to learn how to control the stress caused by driving a car, here are some very practical tips.

Avoid situations that cause you to lose self-control

The most stressful factor behind the wheel are drivers who drive slowly and hinder traffic. The advice I can give you for stress management is to plan your trip better. If you know that route that you take is frequenly congested, you can leave your house a few minutes earlier, drive on alternate roads or simply prepare a good playlist or listen to an audio book to make the moment enjoyable.

Promote the culture of peace

According to recent research, 58 % of drivers experience stress during traffic jams, many of them lose control and resort to road rage.

Research adds that 24% of people consulted drive more abruptly when stressed, and 18% have a more clumsy attitude at the wheel during stress episodes. Eventually, these behaviors translate into road accidents. Good training will be of great help to avoid these types of situations or to be able to deal with them when they arise. Driving schools teach students to drive safely, and confidently, so it is important to chose a good school when you want to learn to drive.

Stay alert while driving

Stress reactions are an important defense mechanism that we have to defend ourselves from dangerous situations and increase our performance, but when we do not control our stress levels, our body can pay a big price, because it affects all our organs, for example, blood pressure is raised, breathing is accelerated and we experience less peripheral vision. If we drive stressed, we focus only on the central area (tunnel vision) and pay little attention to outside elements, such as rear-view mirrors, traffic signals, crossings, people and other vehicles.

When you drive relaxed, you benefit from better peripheral vision and avoid possible accidents; moreover, you have the confidence to be able to solve any inconvenience you may have.

There are other factors why drivers are often stressed, but the important thing is that you know how to deal with each situation without losing control. If your problem is that you’re too nervous or afraid to drive because you still don’t feel safe, you can go to a driving school and take classes to improve your attitude when you’re driving. The best option in driving schools in Montreal is Omega, because it has trained and certified instructors that will help you become a safe driver, cooperative and responsible, so you will not feel stress while driving a vehicle.

Contact the Omega Driving School through their website, and become the driver you want to be.