How to choose a driving school?

Before thinking about buying a vehicle, you need to know how to choose a driving school, because not all of them can be the right ones for you, and that’s why it’s essential to spend some time looking for the one that best suits your needs.

But how do you know which driving school to choose?

It may not be as different as the moment you chose a university to study at, or the country you decided to travel to, but it all starts with research, and here we will help you think about what criteria you should take into account when you start your research to choose a driving school.

What to expect from a driving school?

What did you expect from the last restaurant you visited? Maybe you expected it to have a great variety on the menu, a comfortable atmosphere, excellent treatment, music or some kind of entertainment. The truth is that our human nature has been predisposed to expect something that makes us feel good about our decision to go to that restaurant and not the one next to it. Our nature is to choose.

The same goes for choosing a driving school, which will train you and provide you with the tools and knowledge to learn how to drive. Even so, do you still think about what to expect from a driving school?

Here are a few things a driving school should offer you.

Variety of payment methods

From the freedom to pay in installments to various forms of payment, a driving school should offer you a variety of methods to cancel fees in your courses.

Payment facilities, such as canceling 50% to formalize your registration, and canceling the remaining 50% at the time of the theory test, is a good start. But don’t forget that these modalities should be able to be cancelled in cash, debit or credit card, besides having also online methods like Western Union, PayPal or some digital wallet.

Flexible schedules

You should not accept that the driving school does not respect your personal and professional schedules.

To choose a driving school you should focus on one that can receive you in the free time you have available. This can be on weekends, before work or after work. Make sure that their flexibility in terms of class times is suitable for you.

Fair rates

There are academies or institutes that sometimes take advantage of their students by charging them exorbitant fees.

It is acceptable for a driving school to charge a high fee if it can be justified, as long as its results are verifiable. Make sure that the institution has references, certifications, personalized attention and excellent reputation: everything you consider appropriate to justify its costs.

Online platform

It is no surprise to most that an academy or institution has an online platform for its students, and driving schools should be no exception.

Although it is not mandatory, having a platform where you can find educational material, which will work perfectly for you to resort to essential information, is a resource that many aspiring drivers appreciate.

Comprehensive training

And you can’t fail to make sure of the curriculum.

If it is available on the institution’s website, it would be a great idea to review the curriculum and make sure that there are classes with a minimum of standard, to prepare good drivers.

It is not enough that a driving school only sells courses, but also that they care about training pedestrians in certified and well-educated drivers.

They will get a reputation and you will get an excellent education.

Tips before choosing a driving school

Sometimes it is not only the responsibility of an institution to ensure the success or failure of its students, but it is also their responsibility to ensure their victories or defeats.

Tips before choosing a driving schoolIf you want to pass the driving course as an outstanding student, take into account these tips before choosing a driving school.

Fight your fears

Yes, fighting your fears is vital, if you want to learn to drive.

Remember the scary Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies and his terror of spiders? Well, maybe he didn’t overcome his fear, but he did learn how to fight them, using magic to scare them away or scare them off.

Overcoming a fear is not an easy task, but fighting it in a way that helps you not to remain motionless or petrified is a great advance.

Use any means possible to learn

Since we live in a world surrounded by technology and educational material everywhere, any medium becomes a useful form of learning.

You can resort to watching videos from YouTube, Instagram reels, or as simple as asking your family and friends, to solve your doubts and questions. And if you need more practice, we’re sure they’ll give you the help you need.

Listen to your instructors

“Only the art of listening means more than you can imagine”. -Bob Nelson.

As Bob Nelson puts it, the art of listening is perhaps just what you need. You must remember that it is you who are taking the course with a purpose: to learn.

Learning also means listening to those who have knowledge greater than ours, whose wisdom would serve us well with excellence, in order to accomplish a goal, which in this case is learning to drive.

Anger Management

Controlling anger can be a complex thing to achieve, but it is not impossible.

From something as simple as listening to a song to relax to dancing, they are effective mechanisms in controlling anger.

Anger can result from external factors such as endless traffic, or internal factors such as stress. But there’s no harm that doesn’t come.

Don’t be discouraged

Believe us, not everyone is born prepared to be a professional driver by birth. Even the scientists who made it possible to take astronauts to the Moon had to study hard, too, before their dreams come true.

If you fail a test, what’s the worst that could happen? You will still have the opportunity to take it again. And with the prior knowledge, you can refresh it and have a better chance of succeeding.

The greatest public figures are used to failure, and that didn’t stop them. The obstacles you face in life are only a test, to show your commitment to your goals and dreams.

Don’t be discouraged!

Choose the right time to learn to drive

Choose the right time to learn to driveSometimes, we human beings are clouded by the idea of wanting to have or wanting to achieve things that we set out to do, without first taking the time to analyze whether it is really the right time to do so.

An example as simple as this is wanting to have your own vehicle at the age of 12. Do you think it is the right time to have your own vehicle?

It could be a vehicle, a house, a new phone, that pair of shoes that you long for: there are things that need more attention in a shorter period of time.

For some people it may be difficult to understand, and for others not, but the truth is that if you make the decision to choose a driving school to learn to drive, make sure it’s just what you need at that moment in your life.

Criteria to take into account before choosing a driving school

Every institution, academy or any major change you may make in your life deserves the opportunity to be evaluated and analyzed, to determine the pros and cons.

Making sure that that specific driving school is the right one for you will save you from many unpleasant eventualities. So, here are some tips that will help you to know a driving school better, before you enroll:

Check their website in advance

Credibility has a fine line between a website’s fraud and its reputation.

Distrusting an institution that does not have a website is acceptable, since in a world full of technology it is unheard of to think of not creating a website for a company.

So, if the driving school you were recommended to, or the one you saw in the corner of your home, does not have a website, you better run before it’s too late!

Check references and experiences of students, alumni or acquaintances

One of the best ways to blindly trust a company is if someone you trust recommends it.

On a marketing level, referral sales are the goal to which many companies aspire. And if you are the one who helps them make their dream a reality, it better be a great dream.

Don’t be afraid to ask and investigate former students, as they will be able to give you a quality opinion about their stay at the academy.

Make sure you are comfortable with the curriculum

Maybe it’s a small thing, but feeling comfortable with what you’ll be studying never hurts.

Imagine that you want to study baking and you want to learn how to make profiteroles. You sign up, start the course, bake and, without warning, you are already certified, and you never learned how to make profiteroles. What do you think happened?

Make sure you read the curriculum beforehand, because it will save you time and energy at the end of the course. There will be driving schools that will teach a certain number of educational elements, and others that will need resources. That’s why it’s so important to review them first.

To conclude, the choice of how to choose a driving school should not be so simple, because eventually you will be part of a community that is in the eye of the hurricane of disasters, if you do not learn how to avoid them.

Learning will give you the tools you need to execute your knowledge in the best possible way, without causing collateral damage. Remember that driving is not just for fun, as there is a huge degree of responsibility that only wise and responsible drivers understand and accept.

If you want to learn how to drive in the right way, you are always welcome at our Omega Driving School.