Defensive driving courses to reinforce skills

Road accidents cause hundreds of deaths and injuries each year, as well as damage to road infrastructure, economic losses from vehicles involved in accidents, and the costs of medical care for the injured. To prevent traffic accidents, the ideal is to learn to drive defensively. Do you know what defensive driving courses are? I invite you to continue reading.

Everything you learn in a defensive driving course

Defensive driving focuses primarily on prevention, and to master the techniques of defensive driving it is essential to take a specialized course in a driving school. This course is designed to teach students tools to prevent risks and accidents; it also trains them to deal with mistakes made by other drivers and to drive in inclement weather.

The objective of the defensive driving course is achieved thanks to the detailed analysis of the factors that affect driving and accidents, the dangers of driving on routes and the experimentation and implementation of preventive techniques, in order to promote safe driving habits and the maintenance of the vehicle fleet.

In the course, students learn how to use all the elements of the vehicle that increase safety on board. Defensive driving also involves acquiring an attitude of courtesy and consideration for the pedestrian, while remaining attentive and vigilant in the face of children’s impulsivity, people’s distraction and the slowness of the elderly.

Students also learn to perform evasive manoeuvres in the event that a danger materializes; to this end, they acquire the skills to quickly assess the situations and the level of risk to which they are exposed. Defensive driving requires the driver to be attentive to road conditions, to the speed limit, to respect the traffic laws, to observe carefully the actions of other drivers, to check the mirrors constantly… in short, the driver must maintain concentration at all times.

The defensive driving course also teaches the legal limits of alcohol and their effect on a driver’s abilities, reactions, judgment, and senses.

If you are wondering who can take these courses, the answer is any driver of a vehicle who wants to reinforce his driving skills in high-risk or emergency situations. The defensive driving course complements the practical and theoretical knowledge of driving, since it is done in an open and controlled environment with specialists to avoid accidents.

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Take advantage of your defensive driving course and travel safely.