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Road Safety education Program comprises four phases which consist of:

12 classroom theory modules each lasting two hours, work in team on an activity related to program competencies, presentation of knowledge content by the instructor on a variety of road safety topics.

15 hours of practical in-car sessions each lasting 55 minutes including briefing and debriefing before and after the course; self-evaluation by learner for his or her strengths and improvement areas.

The knowledge and skills acquired in class are gradually put into practice in the In-Car Sessions. 

Formative evaluation throughout the process provide a picture of the learner’s progress and shed light on his or her strengths and weaknesses.

The learner is made aware of the significant roles played by speeding, alcohol, drugs, and fatigue in the occurrence and seriousness of crash.

Toward the end of the program the learner is practicing independent driving where it places the learner drivers in situations in which they must make their own choices, in a way that leads to the right decisions and makes them feel responsible for their driving when they are alone behind the wheel.

Students must have completed all 4 phases and pass school evaluation, in-car session 15 (summary session) to qualify to obtain the final certificate.

This certificate will enable student to go through SAAQ road test

After successful completion of road test student will receive a two years probationary driver’s license.

Every phase must be completed entirely (Theory and in-car sessions) before proceeding to next phase.

Phase 1 : Prerequisite for a learner’s license

Phase 2 : Guided Driving

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Phase 3 : Semi-guided driving

Phase 4 : Semi-guided to Independent Driving

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Textbooks and Course Materials

Road Access Binder

Today’s Driver Manual

Homework using the following material:

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