This program is specifically designed but not limited for people who obtained their learner’s license before January 2010.

This course is developed into 12 in-car driving classes. The course is given in two phases. The first phase consists of an introduction to driving, and basic driving technics (Turning, Lane changing, etc.), the second phase involves in more complex driving such as OEA (Observe-Evaluate, Act) strategy, speed, distractions, sharing the road, highway, parking, etc.

Student will also practice driving in the circuit where he or she will perform the road test.

The last lesson is dedicated to a final evaluation prior to SAAQ road test.




This block is offered but not limited to the following learners:

  • Students who need more practice in during their beginner course program, and are not able to practice at home.
  • New immigrants who have a driver’s license from another country and has been recognized by SAAQ.

A certified instructor will evaluate and correct the differences in your driving habits and behaviors for recuperation to standards of the new environment. With this course you can easily identify the acquired habits that you must improve to be in compliance with present driving standards.

The practice can be done in the circuit where you will have the road test.



1 to 5 HOUR BLOCK:

  • Students who need more practice during their beginner course program, and are not able to practice at home, may choose to take 1 to 5 hours of in car sessions with school.