Common mistakes during the driving test

The stress of taking the driving test to get a license can make anyone forget even the most basic details, and it is precisely those small mistakes that cause more than 40% of students to fail the driving test on the first attempt. In order to help you pass your test and consequently get your license, in this article we will review the details that you should not forget when you are behind the wheel.


Mistake 1: The mirrors, the seat and the seat belt

The first thing the examiner will check is the preliminary ones, i.e. that you adjust the seat, that you fit the rear-view mirrors, that you fasten your seatbelt and that you make sure that your passenger is also buckled in. The importance of these small actions is their relationship to safety: by positioning the mirrors in relation to a comfortable seating position, you eliminate blind spots, thus reducing the chance of having an accident.


Mistake 2: Corners, roundabouts and fast lanes

Maintaining the proper speed when turning a corner, entering a roundabout or exiting a fast lane is another point where driving school students usually fail when taking their practice test. With the stress of getting on another road, most students brake sharply and block other vehicles, and they run the risk of causing a traffic accident because of their action. My advice: stay calm and reduce your speed progressively.


Mistake 3: The importance of mirrors and tail lights

Never forget to check your rearview mirrors before every maneuver, such as cornering or lane changes. Also, don’t forget to lay the tail lights before you make those maneuvers. Your examiner will be very attentive to these details.


Mistake 4: Pedestrian Respect

When you reach a zebra crossing, always respect it, slow down before you reach it in order to stop without encroaching on the pedestrian crossing, as the principle that every driver must respect is to ensure the safety of pedestrians.


Mistake 5: Respecting traffic signals

Respect for traffic signs is paramount, so it’s one of the key points your instructor will evaluate you on. Even if you know the traffic signs, it is very likely that, due to nervousness, you will confuse them at the time of the test. Two of the signs that students often confuse when taking their test are Stop and Yield.

Remember, at the stop sign, you should always brake, whether or not a vehicle is coming in the other lane, and at the yield sign, you should slow down and go slowly until you are sure there is no other vehicle on the road – no need to stop. If another vehicle is moving or a pedestrian wants to cross the road, you must brake to give way.


Mistake 6: Parking

If there’s one maneuver that makes any first-time driver nervous, it’s parking. The most recurrent failures at this point are miscalculation of space and parking in prohibited areas. My advice: practice well before the test.

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